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Marcel van Nieuwenburg
Brüderstraße 14
32339 Espelkamp - Frotheim
M:0160.599.0366  T:05743.930.756


Specially for my English speaking visitors I have created this page to inform you what you can expect from me and my coaching.

My English speaking clients find their way to me through personal recommendations.

The essence of my coaching is to help men, woman and children who struggle with mental and emotional problems. My goal is to achieve positive changes in a simple, quick and effective way.

The most interesting point is that you are doing it all by yourself. I give you the insights and the tools and I guide you through the process of change.


In my coaching I can use hypnosis but it this not necessary. The results I have without hypnosis are also effective. In both methods you are fully aware of what is happening. The method without hypnosis has the advantage that, if we take some extra time for it, you can use it by yourself in all kind of situations in the future.


Skype and telephone are the shortest connections you can imagine and they are ideal in business or private situations.
For example, you have an important meeting you are very nervous and you want to neutralize your emotions or children or students who have exams and performance anxiety. Just skype and I help you through, until you can do it by yourself. One session should be enough.


Personal information

Marcel van Nieuwenburg is my name.  I’m from Holland and I live in Germany since 2008.

In my working career in Holland I have been a Sales Manager and an ICT Manager.

Since 2008 I built a complete new life in Germany and I operate as a Personal Coach.

I am certified NLP Master, Hypnotherapist, VIE Coach



Dear Marcel,

I can’t thank you enough for the time you have committed to coaching me. During what was a difficult stage in my personal life and professional career…you gave me the clarity and structure to refocus and move forward with confidence.

Shortly after our sessions I took on a senior role managing a global real estate portfolio – I owe my success to the work you did with me.

I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future as there are more areas where I feel you can continue to guide and support me.


Yours sincerely,






I have gone through a nasty divorce and the revenue of my business had taken a significant drop.

At 54 I had come to realise my mode of operation had in the end not served me well. I have lost most contact with my kids and I was pretty much depressed and without any hope of turning around my predicaments.

Those dark thoughts made me feel ashamed, guilty, and without confidence nor energy to confront the situation.  

Marcel showed me how to intervene and explained me the triangle of emotions, focus and words. Why blaiming others and situations destroys my life. He learned me to face the mirror, to be honest to myself, the power of decissions and taking action, how to ask myself the right questions.


Now I am more active and accomplishing things. Booking successes on a daily basis.  Events and conversations I now seem to be able to see as what they really are instead of heaping more negative meanings on them myself. I feel I have more energy and my confidence is back. I know I'll be able to face what might be ahead. Even if the bank decides to repo my house, I will still be who I am.


Thanks Marcel, you are a top coach! One who has inspired me to get back up, when I was down and out.

Anton (fictive name)










Marcel van Nieuwenburg



Phone: 0049.5743.930.756